Releasing your Essence

How often do you visit that majestic place? How long do you stay enraptured in its splendor? Do you quiet that tender voice when it speaks to you? When was the last time it asked you to release it to the world? How long has it been since you felt that spark? That awakening charge? That pure electrical current that radiates through your being and suspends your soul in the air while it dances on the clouds?

Do you want to be there in that place of love and light? How long do you wish to remain? Is it trying for you to travel to that place? Do you have time for it? Do you make time for it? What do you do instead? Where do you go? Have you really ever felt it before? Have you ever shared it with anyone? Would you like to go back to that place? What is it that’s stopping you?

Go there. Now. Not a second later. Allow yourself to be free from the chains of complacency. Open up your soul so you may receive the abundance that is rightfully yours. Absorb every drop of its sweet nectar. Fly to the highest part of it. Let the ecstasy consume you, intoxicate you, take you away to that place that enlightens your soul.