We Are All Interconnected

As I was meditating the other night, I was overwhelmed with a fascinating truth that we all already know deep within our being. I believe sometimes we just get so caught up in the world that we forget this undeniable essence of ourselves. The undeniable truth is We are all interconnected. And I don’t mean just human beings; I mean all of the Divine’s creations. The grass that you crossed this morning to get to your car, the birds you heard outside your window, your dog that you pet this morning before you left to work, the bug that smashed on your windshield, the algae that’s growing in your pool, the milk in your cereal, the wind that blows through your hair, the juicy peach you enjoyed for lunch, the air that you breathe every moment; all of it shares some element of you, and you of it.

Before you start to think I’ve gone mad believing were connected to the milk you dunk your Oreos in, let me explain.

Have you ever really thought about the air you are breathing this very moment? It comes so natural we forget about this sacred essence that fills our lungs and gives us life. If we were to follow this gas we would soon realize that traces of our breath are travelling across the atmosphere where someone else is breathing them in. You may not realize that the very breath you are inhaling this very second contains traces of the elements from conversations at the Last Supper, or from the deep exhales that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave during his infamous speech, or from the last breaths taken from our dying soldiers in past and current wars, or from Jesus’s last breath on the cross, or from Harriet Tubman as she was exhaling during her crossing of the underground railroad, or from one of Gandhi’s exhales during his meditations, or from an infant’s first gasp of air when entering this world, or from elephants grazing the African grasslands, and even from your loved ones last breaths as they said goodbye to this earth. Think about all the air that is being consumed and exhaled from every life form on this earth.

When we breathe in Oxygen we exhale Carbon Dioxide. This carbon dioxide is then absorbed into trees, flowers, grass, and other plants. These trees then produce the oranges that give us our juice in the morning, or the apples for our favorite pie, or the avocadoes for our guacamole! The trees then give off oxygen which we in turn breathe in and return to them carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is absorbed into the grass that is then eaten by the cow that then produces your milk; yes the very milk you dunk your Oreo’s in. And so goes the circle of life, this glorious continuation of life that we all share, are a part of, and contribute every moment of every day of our existence. It’s a beautiful thought isn’t it? Or it can be terrifying depending on how we are treating this circle of life. The cigarettes we smoke, the litter we throw on the ground, the exhaust from our car engines, the sewage we toss carelessly into our waters, all of this becomes a part of our circle of life as well. How we treat the circle of life, we are also treating ourselves.  How you treat your neighbor, how you treat your children, how you deal with your co-workers, how you respect the animals in your community, all living beings are interconnected with you, and you with them. How you choose to treat those living creatures, you are also treating yourself.

For this reason it is crucial that we all make constant efforts to try to make things better than when we initially received them. Every life form that you come in contact with should leave better than when it came. Plant a seed in your children that will leave a legacy of improvement. Teach your kids to help others, recycle, clean up after themselves, plant gardens, conserve water and electricity, whatever you teach them, remember they are walking in the footprints you set for them. The people you come in contact with at work, out running your morning jog, at the grocery store, at the bank, or post office; leave those individuals better than when you came with a smile, a word of encouragement, a positive idea, or complement. Let us take care of our communities, instead of seeing something on the ground and cursing whoever littered, let us pick it up. Let us plant gardens and flowers in our own community and encourage our neighbors to do the same. Let us conserve our energy and water usage. Imagine if everything you touched improved because of your presence; what a wonderful world that would be!

We are all interconnected. When you love yourself, you are loving me. When you curse your neighbor, you are cursing yourself. When you hurt yourself, you are hurting the world. When you spew your hatred on someone, you are throwing knives into your own being. When you spread love and give to those around you, you are also manifesting love within yourself. You must give away the things you want most in order to receive them.

I believe that the pain of this world is caused by our forgetting that everything is part of us, and we are a part of everything. The Golden Rule, Treat others how you want to be treated, does not stop at human beings. This rule should carry over into everything you come in contact with, the grass you walk on, the trees that provide you shade, the cat that roams your neighborhood, the water in our oceans, the cows that roam the pastures, the family of ducks in the pond, and even the fish in the sea. We inject our livestock with hormones so they grow bigger faster and antibiotics so they can survive in the horrid conditions they’re forced to live in. We toss endless amounts of waste into our oceans so our sea life has to deal with it instead of coming up with a viable solution. We destroy our forests so we can have ultra-luxurious toilet paper to wipe our asses. We drink out of plastic water bottles out of convenience instead of using a reusable container that we’d have to take 2 minutes to wash every day. We use hundreds of thousands of plastic bags at the grocery store creating more waste for our earth.

I’ll get off my soap box, but I want to emphasize the decisions, we all make every day that affect us, not just some of us, ALL OF US. We’re all guilty, but the beauty in it is we are capable of making the necessary changes. If we take the first step and accept that we are all interconnected, that every part of this beautiful earth is a part of us and we a part of it, then maybe we will start to rethink the way we live in it. Maybe we will reconsider when were about to do something that harms someone else, or something else, because we will realize that we are essentially hurting ourselves. Show love to yourself and to everyone and everything you come into contact with, and you are already making a lasting impression on this earth for generations to come.

My hope is that you develop a habit of asking yourself, “Is this thought, action, or idea I have going to improve the conditions for myself and those around me or hinder the forward progression of myself and all life on earth?” 

Let’s do our part to make this world a better place to live, one day at a time.

With all my Love,

Jennifer Ashley